About Qmx meeting room booking system / Introduction and Features



The QMX Room Reservation System includes two systems, Book and MRBS (Meeting Room Booking System). The basic functions of the two systems are similar. The main difference is that MRBS supports periodic subscriptions. The Book supports more features.
 Use the reservation system to prevent meeting conflicts and to view individual room utilization to optimize room configuration. For Office365 customers, we also provide terminal display, please contact customer service for details.                     


Multi-Zone Control


                   The QMX book system supports multiple zone controls. This allows you to create multiple zones and create multiple meeting rooms in each zone.                 


Permission Control


                   The reservation system supports conference room rights management. You can assign different conference rooms to different conferences by customizing roles, and set only specific users to subscribe to the relevant conference rooms.                 


Outlook Meeting Reminder/Exchange Integration


                   The reservation system supports email reminders and calendar reminders, which makes it easy for participants to understand the conference information.                                     


Periodic Bookings


                  The main difference between the Venus MRBS and the Book is that the MRBS supports recurring regular reservations, which you can easily book by day/week/monthly/yearly regular meetings.                 


Support and integration with Microsoft Active Directory


                 Subscribe to system support and Microsoft Active Directory domain accounts, which allows users to log in to the reservation system by simply remembering one account and password.                 


Mobile version of HTML5 and Android app


                 The booking system is available with a mobile phone version of HTML5, which makes it easy to book a meeting room with your mobile phone. The Android App is also available for easy booking.                                     


Conference door terminal display


                  The reservation system provides a terminal display interface, and you can display the conference information in real time on the terminal screen of the conference door.