About Us

Qimingxing Studio founded in 2010 , we provice meeting room booking system (book stystem), mrbs system, purchase system, car system, vote system, helpdesk system, service desk, worklog , appform system and so on.
The products we provide can be freely tested by users, and then purchased after trial satisfaction, eliminating the worries of users. Qimingxing Studio will continue to improve the system to ensure that the product is more competitive. If you are interested in our products, please contact us ASAP via 983506039@qq.com

Contact Us/ Technical Support

Tel:+86-18155261033    Email:983506039@qq.com (recommendation)

About The System Language

By default, we provide Chinese Language and English Language. if you need your national language, we can also provide simple translation eg Japanese , Korean, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, etc.
The translation mainly uses Google online translate.


You can pay via paypal : 983506039@qq.com , you can contact us for detail info.