This article will introduct how to use qmx meeting room book system.

1. Add area

First, Login into the system with admin account (The default account is admin and the password is 123456 ). Click on "Admin" link at the top right corner to enter the admin page。
In the area link, create the area directly.
click the star to set default area
In front page, User can change area themself
The QMX Book System supports a multi-area concept. A area is usually a company.
For example, Company A has a Washington branch and a New York branch, so the administrator can create the Washington area and the New York area, then create meeting room in each area.
when user login into the system, the user of the Washington branch can set his area is the Washington area. then, his query and search are Washington's area by default.
If the company does not have a branch, admin can directly use the company name as the default area name.
It is recommended that the admin set a default area. After setting , all user use the default area by default.

2. Add room

In Room config, you can add room、notepad、projector,also,you can set room prop and room right (permissions)。
if user select a notepad or a projector, and if the time conflict, then they can not book successful.

3. Right/permissions Config

QMX book system do not have Approval function, but admin can use role to control room right.
The system built-in a role: All Roles,once checked, all user can book room。
“Room-User-User" relation demo as following
(1)in Role List, craate a “VIP" role
(2)in User List,give A a role:VIP
(3)in Room List, Edit Room1, Uncheck All Roles, and check VIP role
(4)user A re-login,now,only A can booking the Room1
As a special case: if a room check All Roles, it mean all user can booking the room。
If none of roles are selected, it means that all users cannot book the meeting room. (eg, the room is repaired)

*After giving the user a new role, because of the cookie caching mechanism, the user needs to log out and log in again to take effect immediately.

4. Add / Import User

in User list,admin can add or import users.
If the book integrated with Microsoft AD domain , you do not need to manually import。
When the user logs in to the book system, the authentication is automatically checked in the AD domain.

5. Config Email

QMX meeting room book system support email notice.
There are two main types of mail servers:one is non-Microsoft Exchange mail server and the other is Microsoft Exchange mail
non-Microsoft Exchange mail(include、163、Gmail) use SMTP to send mail。
Microsoft Exchange mail support both SMTP and EWS(Exchange Web Service) to send mail。
However, some companies have disabled the SMTP protocol for security reasons, in which case we can use the EWS interface to send mail.
The following is a list of the modes currently supported by the QMX book system.:
Send Mail Method Is Support Email Notice Is Support Outlook Meeting Request
SMTP Support Support
Exchange Web Service Support not support
*Simple say: The QMX book system does not support use EWS to send meeting request. If you use Exchange mail server and want to have a meeting request, please enable the Exchange SMTP protocol. 5.1) Config SMTP
According to the page prompt, enter the SMTP account, password, SMTP server address, and other information. If you don't know the STMP information, you can contact IT to get it, or contact us for help.
5.2) Config EWS interface
First download EWS.rar according to the page prompts, after extracting, copy the DLL to the bin folder, and then enter information according to the page's tip
                 The Exchange interface has a regular format, for example, the mail domain name is, then the Exchange interface is : if the SMTP or EWS settings are correct, then check "Send email notification when the user submits a reservation request".
When email notification is enabled, and when booking a room, the attendees will receive email notice.

6. Config Outlook Meeting Request

Referring to the previous step, if the SMTP or EWS correctly, and then checking the “Enable integrated Outlook calendar function, the meeting information will be written to the attendee calendar when the user submits”.

7. Always send to

In the backup and cleanup link, there is a "always send to" function, where the mail is entered (multiple users are separated by semicolons), then all booking information will be sent to this email.
Intro: Some companies want to notify specific people (such as the front desk) at all meetings, so you can use this feature to let specific people know about each meeting.

8. User book

In front page,use login into the system to booking room。
Note:(1)Users can only add, modify, and delete their own meeting rooms, but administrators can modify and delete everyone's book.
(2)When you set right for a user, you usually need to log out and take effect after you log in again.

9. Users query, update, delete meetings

In "my book", users can manage their own book meetings, and in the daily and weekly query, they can quickly check the usage status of the room.


The QMX book system supports simple statistics. After logging in as an administrator, you can view the statistical reports of the conference room.


The QMX system supports mobile version. When accessing with a mobile phone, the default system will automatically switch to the mobile page.

12.iPad display

If you want to display the real-time status of the meeting room on the Pad, the QMX system supports this feature.

13.forget password?

The user can change the password by clicking the name in the upper right corner.
If it is a normal user, you can contact your administrator to reset your password.
If you are an administrator, you can reset your password using the Installation Guide

14.Integrated Microsoft AD domain?

Please refer to the Installation Guide for how to integrate AD domains.

15.Integrated Microsoft Office365?

At present, the integration of Office365 is mainly EWS.
Note: (1) Microsoft Office365 itself has a conference room reservation function, we currently provide additional exe file to display Office365 information on the ipad.
        (2) If you want users to subscribe to the book through Office365, the book can also be reflected on Office365, we provide secondary development of this feature (only for large customers).

14.Repeat(Book&MRBS difference) ?

The QMX booking system has two systems: book and mrbs. MRBS supports the functions of periodic meeting according to daily, weekly, monthly and annual cycles.
The circular meeting is suitable for schools, hospitals and other environments where conference rooms are used periodically.
For enterprises, in order to make full use of resources, they usually do not push the use of circular meetings.