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In this article, we will introduce how to install the book system.
The book system is developed by ASP.NET(C#)+MSSQL+IIS, so, it can be installed on windows7 and later or windows 2008 or later.
This article will use Microsoft Windows 2008 to demonstrate how to install the book system

1. Install IIS

1.1 Open Window 2008, click Server Manage, then click Add Role
1.2 In the wizard,select Web Server
1.3 Make sure .NET & Security checked, then click next to finish install

2. Fix .Net4.0 (not necessary)

2.1 In the windows Start menu, enter "inetmgr.exe" to open IIS. in the left panel, select Server name, in the right panel, double click ISPAPI and CGI Restrictions.
if you have install .Net 4.0, make sure to enable it.
If you do not see .Net 4.0 fix it.
Below will introduct how to fix it
2.2 Fix .NET4.0
2.2.1 Run cmd as Administrator

2.2.2 enter aspnet_regiis.exe -ir to fix it ,then also open IIS , double click ISPAPI and CGI Restrictions to enable .Net 4.0

The correct result is as below

3. Install MSSQL 2008 Express

3.1 download MSSQL 2008 Express SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe from MSSQL 2008 EXPRESS site
3.2 double click to run it,click "Installation" the click "New Installation or add features to an existing installation"

3.3 Accept the term, and click next... click next ... very easy, almost all use default setting only one exception as below, set Mixed Mode, The password must be at least 7 bits and must contain numbers, letters, capitals and special symbols, then click next untill finished.

4. Install MSSQL 2008 Manage Studio

4.1 download MSSQL 2008 Manage Studio SQLManagementStudio_x64_ENU.exe from MSSQL 2008 EXPRESS site
4.2 double click to Run it,click "Installation" the click "New Installation or add features to an existing installation"
4.3 all use default setting, click next to finish install.

**I remember when install Manage Studio,it need .net3.5, however when I test on my windows 2008 recently, it do not ask me to install .net3.5
here is how to install .net3.5 on windows 2008 and windows 2012 for you when you need
if need install .net3.5 in Windows 2008, click Server Manger --> Features --> Add Features --> Checked .net framework3.5 to install .net3.5
if need install .net3.5 in Windows 2012, click here to download .NET3.5 , unzip it, then click Source Path, select the unzip folder to install, detail here

5. Install book system

5.1 in the window Run, enter "intermgr.exe" to open iis, click application pool. right click "add application pool", in the dialog box:
Name: book
.NET Framework version: .NET Framework v4.0.30319
Managed pipeline mode: Integrated

5.2 in the Default Web Site, right click "Add Application",enter info as below
Alias: book
Application pool: click "Select...", select book
Physical path:The source code folder

5.3 from start menu, click SQL Manage Studio

5.4 in database, right click, "New Database",enter "book", click OK

5.5 From menu click "File --> Open --> File..." select the script under App_Data\book.sql file. in the tool bar, click "Execute"

5.6 open web.config modify connectionString.

    <add name="connectionString" connectionString="Data Source=.\sqlexpress; database=book; uid=sa;; "/>

6. Set book folder Permission

6.1 in the souce code of book folder, right click book, select Properties --> Security --> Edit --> Add, enter Everyone, click OK,
set Everyone Full Control.

7.Open the book System

7.1 now open browser,enter http://localhost/book URL, you should can open the book system
7.2 login system use admin and 123456 to login into the system.

8.How to Integrate book with Microsoft Active Directory


The book can Integate with Microsoft Active Directory(AD), Once integrated, the user logs in to the book account as well as the account logged in to Windows.
8.1 Get the Active Directory information:
we need 4 param:
(a)AD Server Name
(b)AD Server alias
(c) Username
(d) Password

8.1 Enter the 4 param in the systemconfig.exe, this exe file can be found in the source
Also, the a domain name as book Administrator, because once integrated the admin account will disabled.
click 测试AD配置,if ok, click "保存",then any use in Windows Active Directory can login into the book system.

9.Forget book password

(1)if you do not integrated with AD, In the install folder,there is a tool.aspx page, open the page and reset system account,the default URL is http://localhost/book/install/tool.aspx
(2)if you integrated with AD, use systemconfig.exe to reset administrator account.